Mindfulness: How to Cope with Hard Things

In her newly released book, "Mindfulness: How to Cope with Hard Things", Dr. Sandness touches on how to cope with hard things. In this book, she explores mindfulness thoughts and more as seen in the ancient Indian world, as they would become part of Buddhist psychology, and as they form the basis of today's mindfulness practices. She answers: "how to have a thought" , "how to have an emotion" , and "how to cope with hard things". May it enrich your practice, increase your joyfulness and help you cope with hard things.

Unlike many other contemporary manuals on mindfulness, this is not a composite of neuron counts, plasticity measurements and stress charts. Adela Sandness’ work places mindfulness within the mytho-poetic world of the ancient Hindu Vedas and the inner cosmology of classical Buddhism. At the same time, it is born of her experience of working directly with the compound emotional and cognitive challenges of today’s students coping with an increasingly troubled world.
— Richard Reoch : Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Mindfulness Initiative, United Kingdom
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Mindfulness: How to Cope with Hard Things Workbook

To accompany “Mindfulness”, Dr. Sandness has developed an in depth workbook for readers. Choose a journal you love. Find the keyboard the feels right. Let’s engage the journey together and explore that life force that flows through the space in-between, that rich sweetness where the rests between the notes turn our lives into music. May the journey bring you joy.



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Mindfulness: How to Cope with Hard Things Audiobook

Mindfulness: How to Cope with Hard Things -Workbook Audiobook


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