Mindfulness: How to Cope with Hard Things

  • 3-Credits

  • RELS 294

  • FREE WEEKLY MEDITATION/YOGA/STRESS REDUCTION LAB (sponsored by Just Breathe….You Are Enough).

  • Offered Fall, 2018

  • The course teaches: how to have a thought, how to have an emotion, and how to cope with hard things. Mindfulness practices increase self-awareness and the skillfulness with which we relate to ourselves and to others. The mind – by its nature - is inherently strong, inherently intelligent, inherently kind. It is good, and it has the resourcefulness to be able to work with situations as they arise, including our thoughts and such emotions as aggression, ignorance, jealousy, pride, doubt or fear. We will give each other the space to experience, learn and discuss together and to grow in our confidence of “how to have a mind?”. No pre-requisite.